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Monday, March 18, 2013

Bavarian Estate Items for Sale 3-18-13

 We recently acquired items from the estate of a man who passed away last December at the age of 77.  His wife was 100% German and had passed away several years before, and the result is a ton of stunning items, many from Germany, many just unique and/or hand-carved and well cared for over the years.   We've sold a ton of the items (and will blog about it soon, so you can see them in their glory and some of the stories behind them),  but for now this blog is up to bring to your attention some of the items still for sale.  Some of the pictures feature multiple items, so we will do our best to detail what is already sold versus what is available.

As always, if you would like to make an offer, comment below, or e-mail us at storageheroes@gmail.com.  We're also available on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/StorageHeroes

Pat O'Brien's glasses-  all sorts of different ones available.  $1-2 per glass depending on how many you buy.

Eble Uhren German Clock, purchased in West Germany many years ago.  Make offer.

Various silverware (mostly stainless) -- 3 to 4 pieces for $1

Vintage Grapefruit Spoon.  Hard to find.  $5

Assorted pins (see below pictures) - we've sold a lot of these already, make inquiry if there's one you're interested in.  $1 to $5 each depending on pin and quantities purchased.

Beautiful hand carved solid wood Bavarian alpine picture.  $80 or best offer

Set of 2 Norman Rockwell  Lithographs.  $20 or best offer

Assorted music boxes, porcelain figurines, and knick-knacks.  $1-40, depending

Assorted board and card games, some new, some vintage.  $1-10 each depending

More assorted items.  $1-40 each depending

Entry floor rug - $10

Vintage slide projector.  $60 or best offer

World's Fair assorted items -  $1 to $50, depending

Public Alert Box  $20

Vintage Fire Extinguisher $20

Retro Tapestry  $40 or best offer

The next several pictures are of a 5 piece hand carved German furniture set.  A coffee table, 2 end tables, and 2 lamps feature forest & wildlife scenes made of real wood.  Beautiful and well made.  One of a kind item.  $2500 for all 5 pieces or best offer.  We reserve the right to reject offers that aren't serious :)

Retro sofa sleeper -- works great, comfortable, and fun colors!  $250 or best offer

Assorted New Orleans Brass jerseys.  Size M, L, and XL available.   VERY RARE and hard to find items.  $80 to $150 depending on whether signed or not.  Limited edition jerseys also available, as well as ones with sewn on patches, original logos, etc.

Vintage File Cabinet $70 or best offer

Spirit of Louisiana WWL keepsakes-- check out Hoda Kotb!   $5 each or best offer

Vintage projector  $60 or best offer

New Orleans Brass , New Orleans Zephyrs, and New Orleans Storm merchandise, many rare and hard to find.  $5-40 each depending on items.