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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Computer desk / Table --  has space for keyboard underneath and a cubby for papers, pens, whatever.   Came from actually someone we knew, not from a storage unit.   $50 

Set of 4 chairs- some of them need to be glued back together.  $5 a chair.

Entire set of Navy cachets from WW2 era.  $7 a piece for $75 for the entire set (there are a few pictured but there are around 14-15 total).

Vintage-looking (but modern)  record player / radio / CD player.   Man not included. :)  $40 -- they retail at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for almost $200.

Decorative Horse Head.  Not just plaster-- its actually some type of cast or stone--- weighs probably 40 pounds.   $25 or best offer.

Antique roll top desk.  Hand made. One of a kind.  $1500 or best offer.  Drawers are lined with felt.

 Wii Fit Balance Board.  $30 or best offer.

Beautiful solid wood cabinet.  $45 or best offer.

Nails in an organized container.  $5 or best offer

Photo signed by Australian Basketball Team, Adelaide Super Sixers. $15 or best offer

More basketball memorabilia-- $10 or best offer.

Signed Cast picture of the cast of 227.   $30 or best offer.

Fur stole and hand muffs.  $25 for the set.

Virtually everything on this table is still available.  $2 each

Disco Ball:  $5

 Assorted Fabrics and Fabric Remants... some whole bolts, some just remnants.  $1 for large bag of remnant or 10 cents- $2 per yard (depending on type of fabric)  -- Make appointment to see in person.

Vintage owl cloisonne pendant.  $24 or best offer

Custom made little girl's dress.  Blue and purple lace- kind of changes colors when moves / in light.   Size unknown because no tag-- custom made.  Probably for a little girl around 9-12.   $10 or best offer

Sample dresses and costumes.   Lots of bridesmaid dresses, formal dresses, and costumes.  Many of them unfinished,  would be great for Halloween, costume parties,  dressing up in fancy dresses to go somewhere where the dresses would get ruined (Bourbon Street, etc) or for cutting up and using for fabric.  $2 each.

More fabric remnants.   Make offer or e-mail us at storageheroes@gmail.com for appointment.

Beautiful tea set -- includes tea pot, creamer and sugar containers, cups, and saucers.   Gorgeous in pictures and in person.   $80 for set or best offer.

Diabetes testing kit (new)  $10 or best offer.  We also have unopened lancets... bags and bags and bags of them.  $5 per bag.

Jazz Fest, New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, and Congo Square posters.  If there is a particular year you are looking for, please let us know--  we sell them cheaper than the actual current value.    E-mail us for more info at storageheroes@gmail.com

Sterilite containers-- 3 drawers for $10,  5 drawers for $15

Assorted glassware-- 25 cents a piece!   We will not ship glassware, you must come in person to pick up.

Juicy Couture Charm necklace,  extra charms included.  Retails for $168.   $75

Entire set of this dishware.  22k Gold Plated.   $60 for the set.

Fake ring / promise ring / engagement ring.  Really nice cubic zirconia, REALLY looks real.  $20.

 Vintage Universal Typewriter.   In working order.  $40 or best offer.

Prada Scarf.  $15 or best offer.

Burberry Scarf.  $25.

 Bebe Black "Lacy" Dress.   Can be worn with both shoulders or cold shoulder as pictured.  Size Small.   $40 or best offer.   Girl not included :)

Southern versus Grambling Collectors Edition Plate.  $50 or best offer.

Collection of Mardi Gras Specialty Doubloons and Kings Doubloons.  $40 buys the entire collection.

Assorted Match Box cars.  Our experts are still working on the value of these-- please contact us at storageheroes@gmail.com if you'd like to make an offer on them.

Bowling ball.  We've since sold the shoes and the bag, but the ball is available as well as a ball cleaner. $10 for both.

Burger King Kids Meal Toys.  MANY different varieties available, this is just a close-up example of 2 of the varieties.  (All of the boxes are pictured below)  Each box contains 200 individually wrapped toys.  Most of the time it's 100 of one kind and 100 of another kind.  $40 per box.

Crown Royal Felt Bags.  Great for storing jewelry,  makeup, silver, things you don't want to get scratched, glass, etc, etc, etc.   Great collector's item.   $1 a piece.  We have over 200 available.   Discounts if you purchase in bulk.

Game Ball from the Victory Belle Game in 1989 where Cincinnati OH played Miami OH.   The score was 30 to 14 and this is an actual game ball that was inscribed to commemorate the victory.  Miami and Cincinnati have a long-standing rivalry.  What makes it more interesting is that in this season this was Cincinnati's ONLY win.   $50 or best offer.

Jesus pendant.  Vintage, from the 70s.  $10 or best offer.

Tool box that can also be used as a step stool.  The top handle is broken but it does latch and close.

Digital cameras.  $20 a piece.  Several available.

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