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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dance Costume Lot - CCF

We had two clients at once that brought me dance and cheer costumes so to say I have a lot is an understatement.  There are probably over 500 pieces of cheer and dance stuff!  Please check back as this blog post will continue to grow!

Here are sizing guidelines, of course there are exceptions if you have a large child or a small adult, etc.

SC - Small Child -  Fits kids aged 4-8 unless otherwise noted.
LC - Large Child - Fits kids aged 9-14 unless otherwise noted.

YA or SA - Young Adult/ Small Adult - Fits girls & women aged 14 and up,  it's roughly an adult sized 0-6.
MA - Mature Adult - Fits girls & women aged 14 and up, it's roughly an adult sized 6-10.

Small Child:

For an itty bitty, this velvet blue dress with aqua sequined trim and mint roses is precious for the most previous children.  Tons of white lace, tulle, and net underneath.  $10

Genie outfit.  Includes Leotard,  pants, gold arm cuffs, and headband.  This would be a fantastic Halloween costume!  $15 for all. 

Kids Dance costume - Harlequin type hot pink and black velvet.  Rhinestones on front, rhinestone buckle on back.  Small Child.  Lots of fringe.  2 pieces.  $10     

White one piece velvet jumper with red sequin heart.  $5

Kids sized costume - includes the satin hot pink and black top and the fringe bottom / skirt.   It also includes an 80's style lace glove. Small child.   3 pieces  $15.

Small Child.  Purple velvet with a cheerleader pleat style skirt.   Top shows midriff.  Super cute.  2 pieces $10

 Polka dot bikini outfit.   Includes black one piece, headband, arm cuffs, and little sarong / skirt.  $15 for all.

Large Child:

Black and Silver one piece leotard.  Could fit a young adult or an adult sized 0 / A cup.      Costume by Kelle Costumes.  Size LC.   $10.

Beautiful purple and silver fringe costume by Algy.  CL.  Note the beautiful open waist on both sides with Silver "mardi gras"bead adornment.  $15

Black velvet skirt with rhinestone buckle.  LC to YA.  $5

Neon accessories assortment.   Black mesh sequin top,  pink banana,  black glove,  pink, orange, yellow neon sarong.  Just add black booty shorts and this outfit is good to go!   $5 for top, $5 for bottom, $5 for glove and bandana, or $10 for all.   

Urban Groove jeans made for dancing with rhinestone trim up the sides and back.  LC.  $15.  Would be super cute to wear out as well

Young Adult:

Large Child or Young Adult.  This one is a one piece and would be cute for a genie or mermaid number.   $10.  Pending sale

SA (Small Adult) or Young Adult:  Black one piece with cutout outfit,  with holographic rhinestone harlequin pattern and rhinestone buckle.  $15

Small adult hip hop outfit.   Contains yellow/black body suit,  black half jacket,  black pants.    Just need to add shoes and a hat!     TOTALLY reminiscent of Clueless as well, would be a great Cher costume!  $15 for all pieces.  SA.

Beautiful faux 2 piece (really a 1 piece) lavender outfit.   Purple lined.  Top and shorts, and interconnected.   Beautiful tulle & rhinestone ruffles that move when you dance.  YA-MA. $15

Zebra velour jumper with silver buckle and matching gloves.  YA to MA.  $15

Mature Adult:

Mature Adult.  Fits over like a top but hangs very long.   Really cool for a Michael Jackson or Beatles inspired costume!  $15   
A picture of how the MJ costume was worn.  With Black pants and a sequined glove.

Mature Adult.   One piece but looks like two.   Really pretty sequins and fringe in black and silver.  $10

Mature Adult. Perfect for someone who likes to salsa or samba!  $10

Mature Adult.   Red and Black, Leotard,  Sequined One Piece with "E" on the butt.  Detachable rhinestone buckle in front.  Art Stone #2407 LA.   Mature Adult.

Gold Sequin with "Denim" Shorts with cute gold button trim.   Mature Adult.  Made by A Wish Come True, #12862 "Bound to You"  $15

Orange Sequin One Piece with detachable sequin brooch.  $15.   SA or MA.  Straps can be halter, cross, one side, or strapless.  I didn't put the X straps up because I didn't want to break them,  it's hard on a mannequin.   Art Stone #2214  SA.

Rainbow & Black Sequined adult MA Onepiece.   Shorts are "plain"black, sequins are only on top.  The black tulle piece is only on the front and is sewn on but easily removable with 2 snips.   Costume Gallery, Dazzle, #21816.   $15  Pending sale

This one's one of my favorites.  Black & Lime Green, it's got nude net along parts of the back and black net everywhere else.  Elaborate lime green & black sequins and sparkles, with a lime green skirt with black fringe on top.  Moves beautifully.  All one piece.  Really sophisticated.   By A Wish Come True, "Bang Bang"  #11366.   Size MA.  $20  - pending sale

Blue and light blue sequin on black (see through) halter dress.  MA.  $20   pending sale

Royal Blue &  Black Ballerina costume.  MA $20.  Leo's  #91556-2

Multi-Piece Purple Burnout & Black Velvet Separates.  Top,  Purple Booty Shorts,  2 Purple Arm Cuffs & Matching Headband.  $20 for all.   Pending sale

Blue, light blue, gold, mesh nude net one piece costume.  MA.  Handmade in India  $20

One piece art deco velour blue and black body suit.  Rhinestones up the sides of legs, beautiful art deco center piece on front, and silver trim lacing.  $20

Two piece "stained glass"  sequin costume.  MA.   Gold, silver, blue, and pink sequins with black piping.   Includes separate blue booty shorts.  $20 for all.  Pending sale.

Yellow and black velour one piece jumpsuit with matching yellow headband (that can be worn as a bracelet) and also a beret.  Art Stone 0226 size MA.  $15

Floral and Black one piece with beautiful rhinestone detailing, ombre pastel floral detailing and a little black bow atop the black tulle.   Size MA.  by Weismann.  Includes a matching glove.  $15

One piece white and silver - top only.  Sheer.   Lipstick stain on top but very small and can be removed.   YA - MA.  $5

Hot Pink Pants.  Size YA to MA.   Really cute, I'd wear them out on the street personally. :)  Really lightweight breathable stretchy fabric as well.  $10

Silver and black one piece.   Fits Adult MA.  $15

4 pieces.  White top with black bottom leotard,  sequined belt,  tie for the neck, and tie for the ponytail for a 50s look.  $20 for all.

Absolutely gorgeous art deco black & silver rhinestone one piece velvet jumpsuit.   Beautiful detailing, art deco centerpiece on front,  open back.  $25 because of amount of rhinestones.
Just gorgeous in person.

 Beautiful Blue Sequined Halter Leotard with Black Booty Shorts Underneath.  Rhinestone Buckle back of neck.  MA.  $15

Adorable cutout one piece.  Black with silver and black metallic collar and sleeve and nude mesh on stomach. YA.  $15 

Absolutely gorgeous white babydoll tunic, in crepe chiffon. Silver trim all the way around hemline and on straps.  Yellow jewel in front.  MA. $10

White sequined "Michael Jackson" type of jacket.  Shoulder pads and elastic sequined arm band sewn in.  $5

Adult Medium, Gorgeous Prima Ballerina Costume in Maroon with Green tulle lining.  This also fits small so could fit a larger child.  By Algy.

 Blue/Purple-ish Majorette type of outfit.  Would be awesome for a costume!    Has sequined design on left and right sides, and black sequin lining around the bottom and neck.   It has velvet bloomers built in as well.  $15.  MA

Blue Booty Shorts.  $5  MA.

Beautiful Brown Top with cut out & matching brown booty short bottoms.  Brown Velvet Burnout with rhinestones and tulle.  $15  MA.

Large adult tunic in brown, blue, and rhinestones with taupe lining.  $10  Beautiful rhinestone accent piece on front.

MA - Green sequined tank top.  Spandex.  Would be PERFECT for St. Patrick's Day.  $5

MA - Blue burnout velvet with tulle bottom baby doll.  $10

MA.  Two Piece purple top and purple booty shorts with tons of pink sequins and sewn on trim.  $15

Pictures of how the above purple outfit looks.

Black and gray teddy type top  $5

MA, Gold Halter Top.  "Bound to You"  12862.   $5

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