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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Like a Bull n a China Shop

 Items for Sale 10-17-12


Rocky Balboa glass - front has a picture of him  back says "You gotta be a moron to wanna be a fighter"  - $3

Vintage New Orleans 16 oz jigger - has measurement lines in oz on the side and a pictorial of the city as well, the front says "A New Orleans Jigger"  is fancy wrought iron like text.    Super rare, they don't make these anymore like this.  $20 or best offer

Stack of plates-  all white, very plain but classically elegant-  came from a client, not a storage unit, she's very clean and fancy.    $5 for all

Vintage yellow octagonal shaped clear glass plates -- I know people who have had ones just like this in a different color and LOVED them-- they are treated with something on the surface that makes them super easy to clean and these are so vibrant and pretty.   12 included.  $7 for all

4 mini shot glasses / dessert glasses/  cordial glasses  /  - no idea what they are used for but they are real crystal and VERY tiny-- see the picture next to my hand for an accurate size -   $15 for the set of 4

Vintage Coca Cola glass - $3

Really cool glass handblown candle stick holder / whatever you want to do with it.  $5 or best offer

Stack of assorted Christmas colored glass dishes.  $3 for all

Texas Jigger similar to the New Orleans one pictured above (came from same estate) - Vintage, super rare.  $15 or best offer (of course Texas is worth less than New Orleans ;) )

oz measuring lines list "For Texans only --- ,  for astronauts,  cowpokes,  tenderfoots, and at the very bottom is Yankees"

Pillar candle holder, silver patina  $3

Another pillar or votive candle holder with silver patina $2

The Flintstones Limited Edition movie mug from McDonalds  $5

Set of Corningware  -- 8 plates total in 3 different sizes, all the pattern pictured.  Also includes 4 mugs in same pattern. $7 for all

Assume these are pyrex because they were packaged with a bunch of pyrex and corningware but cannot make out the markings.  They are glass, and beautifully made glasses- blue in color and a really really pretty shade of blue.  Set includes 5 glasses.  $10

Vintage depression desert glass  $5

Another picture of the glass

More depression glass -  no idea what this one was used for.  $5

China with real 22k gold - marked on the back Edwin Knowles Fine China --  $1 each.    Kind of dirty but can be washed, also would be beautiful to break up and make a mosaic out of.   There are 2 cream and gold ones and 1 with a green ring around it

Pyrex cooking dish with glass cover.  $5

WYES 12 mug - $1

Assorted various wine bottles,  patron bottles, and Jagermeister bottles.  Great for making an outdoor wind chime, a sand bottle,  candles in wine bottles,  or various other arts and crafts.  Jager and Patron bottles would be great for a Halloween costume (Snooki or someone like that!)   $2 each or 20 for the whole lot (there are about 40 bottles)

What are these called-- they are the plates you can put in the broiler or oven, good for steaks and potatoes... set of 6,  our tenant had purchased them from goodwill and they are still wrapped and priced,  probably used from whoever goodwill got them from but not used by her.   $3 for all of them

Assorted blue and green dish ware, some glass, some plastic.  Any 3 pieces for $5

Asian-style vases -   $2 each

Set of 3 Boomtown / Tabasco /  Soup  Chili Gumbo Bowls.  $5 for set of 3

Ironic,  fine china, made in... China!

Pattern china  - just this one plate  - $1 or best offer

Really cute shabby-chic dishes-- 4 plates - they match each other but we don't have anything else to go with them.  They're beautiful.  $5 for the set

Crystal bowl - $4

Sporting Goods:

New Orleans Night  (arena football team) poster from 1991.  This is the first year we had the New Orleans night.   Poster is slightly ripped in upper right hand corner which is a shame, and it's wrinkled throughout and in kind of poor condition, but the colors are so vibrant and it's autographed by the entire team!  $50 or best offer

Brunswick Pro Bowling Ball in green - ball only.   Finger holes appear to be large or extra large and are etched with 25.  Not sure if that's the size or the weight.  $20 or best offer

This bowling ball comes with the bag, and a few accessories, there is a ball towel,  and 3-4 wrist braces inside, as well as the ball and bag itself.  Columbia 300 Big Shot ball and Columbia 300 bag.  $35 or best offer.

Appears also to have large finger holes-- no idea of size or weight.

Set of 10 bowling patches from Okaloosa County Bowling association.  Cool for jean or leather jacket, vintage rock-a-billy shirt,  or halloween costume.  You can also give them to a bowler as a gift.  $10 for the set.

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