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Monday, October 8, 2012

Louisiana World's Fair Collection FOR SALE

Hey everyone!  First of all, I got a new phone, an iPhone, and if you were like me and thought that there really isn't too much difference between iPhone and Droid you're completely mistaken.  It is a WORLD of difference.     So, please enjoy the brand new crisp, clear, non-blurry photographs!

This entire collection is from the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans, LA - and is available for purchase.  Feel free to buy items individually or together. 

Send comments, questions, or offers to storageheroes@gmail.com or 504-535-HERO.

Lot #1  -  Serving platter, 3 mugs, a glass mug, plastic cup, 2 ashtrays, and a trinket box.   $59 or best offer.

Lot 2  -  snow globe,  belt,  wooden round board, and record player cover   - $80 or best offer

Lot 3 -  4 decks of playing cards and an unused address book -  $30 or best offer

Lot  4 - Collectible program,  a program to the Treasures of the Vatican exhibit, and a Louisiana Life magazine with special story on the Fair.    $50 or best offer.

Lot 5 -  Decorate plate, decorate tray (or ash tray),  2 stickers / decals,  bell, coffee mug,  and piggy bank  (very cool style not often used at all).    Also a wooden buck.      $70 or best offer.

Lot 6  - Specialty mug / beer stein  -  $50 or best offer

Lot 7 -  5 Coins / Tokens / Doubloons  / Belt Buckles  and 6  Spoons   $200 or best offer

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